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A Special Song for Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Mother's Day is always a day that is especially meaningful to me! Remembering that day brings back great memories from my past. When I was barely out of my teens and heading back to college for my senior year, our family encountered a roll-over automobile accident in Utah and my mother died. Her death left a terrible void in my life but I was blessed when another wonderful woman stepped into my life.

One of the few photos I have of my wonderful mother.
My mother, Harriet A. Wood

My mother was born in Canada but spent most of her life in Idaho. She was born into a family of 6 girls and was the oldest. From an early age, she accepted many responsibilities and was known to be an extremely proficient woman in everything she ever attempted. She was very musical and one of my fondest memories was sitting on her lap holding my fingers on top of hers while she played and we sang songs together.

My mother-in-law
Clea Judd Holyoak

I met Clea Holyoak in 1963 when I began dating her son, Garth. Upon our first meeting, she and her husband, John, were so loving that I felt an immediate connection with their family. At that time, I never realized the remarkable influence she would have on my life and that we would develop a mother-daughter relationship that would last for the next 45 years.

Holyoak backyard
Mom Clea had the prettiest yard in town!

"When life gets tough, plant more flowers!"

Clea Holyoak became my "other mother" in 1966 when I married her son. She loved to garden and the above quote was her personal motto. I loved going to Burley, Idaho, where Mom and Dad Holyoak lived, especially in the summer. In the evening we loved to sit outside on the patio while eating watermelon and drinking out of her very special silver goblets she used only for company.

eating watermelon on patio
A visit to Burley, Idaho with my husband and two daughters.

A Song for Mother's Day

Now that you know more about the mothers in my life, perhaps you will better understand why I wanted to write a special song for Mother's Day. Since my own mother had already passed, I decided to write one for Mom Clea because it was the same year she turned 90. Also, I wanted her to know how special she was as I poured out my heart through music. The lyrics of the song were inspired by her motto in life "to plant more flowers".

The song was published by Click photo to the right to view and listen to song, "Flowers in Heaven."

Follow the words:

There are gardens up in heaven that are planted with our seeds. They grow in hills and valleys that are free of thorns and weeds. Every little act of kindness, happy thoughts and cheerful deeds, will blossom in the gardens if we send the Lord the seeds.

We can plant flowers in heaven; seeds that grow in colors of the rainbow. We can plant flowers in heaven by the love we show.”

These are the darling singers in the recording studio many years ago.

Young singers
The girls were excited to share their talents in the recording studio.

Encouraging Young Talent

I have always loved encouraging children to develop their talents and was grateful these girls from church were willing to experience singing in the recording studio. Even though the recording is not perfect, I was pleased with their performance and hopeful it would give them confidence to continue with their music.

A Storybook Followed

After the death of Mom Clea at age 93, Sherry Summers and I wrote a storybook in her memory for the joy she brought into the lives of everyone who knew her. It was based upon her motto in life to "Plant more flowers."

Flowers in Heaven is an unforgettable adventure that takes two sisters and their pet tortoise to faraway places in an exciting dream.

Authors of "Plant More Flowers."
Authors: Kathleen Holyoak and Sherry Summers

Hazel and Louise magically find themselves in heaven with their late and dearly missed Grandma Clea. Grandma sweetly teaches that when people pass away they're still close by as their lives are forever interwoven through the bonds of love.

The little girls also learn the valuable lesson that doing good deeds on earth is like planting flowers in heaven. The story touches the heart of any child or adult, particularly those who have recently lost a loved one. It's an enchanting mix of fun and friendship, comfort and delight, along with two bedtime songs: "Moonlighting" and "Flowers in Heaven".

To listen to "Moonlighting", click the picture below:


As I wrap up this entry, I want to express my gratefulness for parents who encouraged me to develop my talents from an early age. Music has buoyed me up during trials of my life and kept me grounded so I could focus on goals in life. I am grateful for two wonderful mothers who helped guide and direct my life. I am also thankful for a loving Father in Heaven for blessing me with musical abilities.

Kathleen at Age 5

After 6 months of piano lessons, I was playing and singing "The Peter Rabbit Story."

Music cover
A collection of songs and music that tells the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor's garden.

Song from the Peter Rabbit Story
It's fun to look back into my life 70 years ago and see the music I loved playing.

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Feb 02, 2020

This is wonderful! I love knowing the stories of how you came to write your beautiful music. You make your blog posts beautiful and interesting. Thank you.


Feb 02, 2020

And what a lovely song too. Sweet little voices and I love seeing a picture of the little angels singing in the recording studio!


Feb 02, 2020

This is such a beautiful entry and warmed my heart. <3

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