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Award-winning composer/arranger, organist, pianist, Kathleen Holyoak, was born in Hawaii, raised in Idaho and now resides in Arizona. She and her husband have four daughters, 10 granddaughters, four grandsons, and three grand-dogs.

Kathleen has taught, performed and directed choirs. Her acclaimed children’s music education manuals have been used in schools for both musical and bilingual language training; she also composes songs for educational children’s animations. Her body of work includes five songbooks and four CDs. Out of her hundreds of vocal, choral, and instrumental arrangements she has composed, dozens have won awards.

Kathleen’s music has been performed around the globe and notably for US President Bush and Vice-President Cheney and their staff members at the White House and private residence.  She has orchestrated music that has been performed and broadcast throughout Europe and the US.

Kathleen is an active pianist, organist and keynote speaker. Her willingness to share her talents, help and encourage others musically has gained her much respect among fellow musicians and colleagues. She was appointed resident organist at the BYU Jerusalem Center which included duties of hosting weekly concerts and directing a student choir. Along with her musical activities, she and her husband have also provided humanitarian services in various places around the world, including Guatemala, Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda, England, and Sweden.




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